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Vases & Planters

Contemporary Designer Vases

Add a decorative, floral touch to your home with a contemporary vase. Flowers always make a house look great and they look even better in a funky designer vase. Vases come in many sizes and shapes and are made from many materials including ceramic and steel. Whatever vase you may choose its important to know that the placement of the vase is most important. High vases can be hidden behind other objects and just the tops and flowers visible or give the vase a prominent place in the room and create a focal point.

Arranging flowers in the vase is a key element to how the vase will be perceived in the context of your room. Highlight a fabulous floral arrangement with a stylish vase and add a splash of colour to your interior.

The Brick Vase by Stolen Form is a unique Contemporary Vase that has a statement of its own and will be a real talking point.