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Books and Bookends


A row of books on a bookshelf, whether neatly grouped or piled up higgledy-piggledy, can be a great way to add character and depth to your home. The problem of what to do when the bookshelf is full up, or what to do when the books begin toppling over at either end, can be solved by our range of stylish and funky bookends. They look great individually or as a pair, and can support any number of books, along any sized surface.

In the kitchen

If you’re keen on cooking, or you know someone who is, consider giving them a tasty and tidy way to organise their cookery books: By The Book Cookbook Bookend  Jamie Oliver would probably say they look pukka and Gordon Ramsay would only use polite language in appreciation of the classy stainless steel models of two chefs at work. The subtle intricacy found in these bookends, such as the chef’s hat, the handles on the woman’s pot, the angles they stand at as they examine the food, make them an ideal present for any foodie.

Home James

Previously known as James the Doorman , expertly holding our customers’ doors open, James is now available as James the Bookend , firmly supporting our customers’ books. The stainless steel plate attached to his rubber body, available in red and black, ensures stability. His outstretched arm holds any number of books in a reliable and reassuring manner.

A moment captured

Heavy or large books look particularly great next to the Falling Books Bookend Man . Expertly angled arms, hands and legs add a sense of drama to the man’s situation. Should he run or should he stay is the question many will ask. The answer lies in his metal frame. Displaying style and substance, it ensures he will stay standing and steadfast on your bookshelf.