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Hang Cool with Fun and Funky Pendant Lights


We’ve all seen them on a weekend. Those blank faced couples wandering glumly around retail parks looking for home inspiration. At Design my World we think that shopping for the home should be far from boring, and nowhere do we illustrate this more than with our range of fun and funky pendant lights.

If you love to have fun with colour but want a more traditional style of pendant, then take a look at the glamorous Shimmer Glass Pendant. Dripping with coloured glass beads, this decadent piece would be perfect for any room that you want to add a touch of sparkle to.

Those who like to keep things simple, on the other hand, will appreciate the smooth curves of the Bella Ball Pendant Light. Sleek, stylish, stunning, spectacular – there are so many curvy ‘s’ words to describe this little beauty. Available in smoky, black, aluminium and white, these funky little balls look great on their own, or jaw-dropping when grouped together in a cluster.

Another intriguing orb design is the Innermost Beads pendant light, which features gorgeously smooth balls clustered to create intricate reflections when lit from within.

If you’d like to express your femininity in your home, Design my World has some beautifully feminine pendant lights to choose from. Butterflies are ever popular, and the Delight Pendant features them subtly to create a dream-like lighting effect. Alternatively the Butterfly Effect lampshade by Lauren Moriarty uses a layering technique to give the impression of butterflies flapping their wings.

So you see, there really is no excuse for boring interiors. Not when you can have hanging pendant lights orbs and flapping butterflies in your living space!