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Whether your kitchen is used for cooking, entertaining, or as an extension of your living room, it offers plenty of opportunities to showcase your style and personality. If kitchen size is an issue, consider furniture that maximises space.

Perhaps a stylish angled table that can be placed into a corner or moved around, depending on how many people want to sit down? It needn’t involve extensive redecorating to inject some vibrant colours into your kitchen. A selection of bright, modern utensils will lift the mood and add a sense of freshness to the ambience. These can be enhanced by the right kind of lighting; take control by choosing suitable light fittings and appropriate light bulbs to complement your colours.

Preparing food can be challenging, so make the process as fun as possible by having some cool yet classy kitchen accessories to store your cooking and baking ingredients. To keep track of cooking times, a funky clock for the wall or for a mantelpiece can make the time fly by. When it’s all ready, give your guests an extra reason to finish everything on their plate by using some intricately crafted designer crockery.