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Yorke Design Lotus Pendant Light


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Code: YorkeLotus
A Flower Pendant light in the shape of a Lotus Flower. The Lotus Pendant Light is also available in five tones that almost always work with any interior space.
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room
  • Lotus Pendant Light  Hanging In Room

Designed By

Richard Yorke
Richard Yorke is a product and graphic designer living in London. He has designed a range of flower pendant lights.

The Lotus Pendant Light by Richard Yorke brings nature and contemporary design together as one for a stylish flower light shade. Hang just one on its own or arrange a bunch of them for a spectacular effect. The Pendant lights are made from polypropylene which is a material that is chemically inert making them recyclable and ethical.

The Lotus Pendant comes in an array of colours including white, grey, black, yellow and red which makes it easier to get just the right colour for your room. Perfect in the hallway, bathroom , kids room and kitchen or whatever room you want.

All Lotus Pendant Lights render a bright light below due to the wide diameter of the flower.

Further information
All of the flower light shades work with standard plastic ceiling hung pendant light fittings. The plastic designs (Snow, Lily and Lotus) simply clip together in 5 to 20 minutes and are placed on top of the pendant fitting. Star screws into the pendant light fitting. You can try using a round 'globe' style LED, a round 'globe' style compact fluorescent light bulb (AKA 'energy saving' light bulb) or a candle style LED bulb to form a 'stamen' in a flower light shade.
• Use LED or compact fluorescent light bulb
• 20 Watts Max (a 20 Watt compact fluorescent light bulb is equivalent to an old 100 Watt tungsten filament light bulb)
• Use a lower wattage light bulb if you require a softer light. Many LED light bulbs can be used with a dimmer switch, always check when you purchase
• No re-wiring is required for all light shades

Sku: YorkeLotus
Designed By: Richard Yorke
Dimensions: 33cm (h) x 48cm(w)
Delivery Lead Time: 2-4 days
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Product: Yorke Design Lotus Pendant Light

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