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Tea Towels

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  1. Magpie Birdy Thrush & Wagtail Tea Towel Set
  2. Eep Tomato Tea Towel
  3. Skinny Laminx Tea Towel Deer Red
  4. Borrowed Spoons Red Tea Towel
  5. Skinny Laminx Leaves Tea Towel Gold
  6. Skinny LaminxLeaves Tea Towel Grey
  7. When Everyone Came To Tea Skinny Laminx Blue
  8. Colts Teal Towels Skinny Laminx
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Tea towels


Many years ago, tea towels were simple, routine, functional items used in the home. They were great for drying cutlery, great for drying crockery… and that was about it.

Not any longer.

These days, the variety of designs, shades and patterns available means tea towels offer a quick, easy and cost-effective way to add identity and inject vibrancy to your home. Choose a tea towel with an artistic and unusual design and let it be a backdrop to showcase your taste in contemporary interiors.

Placed on a table, they can be a subtle yet effective method of magnifying a colour scheme or enhancing the mood and style of a room or underneath crockery, they can be a useful way of protecting surfaces, and provide an unexpected surprise to guests when the plates are removed.

 Used on a worktop, they can instantly brighten up an area, add some character to a room, and will hide any burn marks or stubborn stains.

Tea Towels are great for covering sharp corners, ideal if you’ve got small children running around. They’re perfect for placing plant pots on, to soak up water from your funky watering can. And of course, they will always be hanging  around your kitchen waiting to do the drying up.