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Contemporary Lighting

Make a statement in your home with our modern and contemporary lighting range. Browse our contemporary designer collection for the perfect contemporary pendant light, chandelier, table or wall lights.

Well placed Pendants, floor or wall lights can really transform a room in an instant, and can make or break your home. A successful interior  scheme is made up of several layers: natural, general, accent and task . Maximise natural light by using mirrors to reflect  light across a room

Ambient lights plays the part of daylight and is usually provided by a central pendant or a chandelier. Supplement general lighting with wall sconces   table lamps  and you'll end up with a great, flexible lighting scheme for your home. Accents provides texture, focus and shape , adding depth and shade, with shadows in some corners and pools of light in others.

To finish the look of your home, don't forget to browse through our funky home accessories range.